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June 04, 2007



Sorry to hear about your frustrations with poker, but i guess thats the nature of the game. Doing everything right, and still losing is extremely difficult to overcome, but maybe taking a break and spending time away from tournament poker will allow you to be refreshed and rejuvenated, and remember why you love tournament poker so much. Best of luck.


If you ask to any Petersburger a question on what most beautiful area in a city, he, without reflecting, will give up as a bad job towards the Hermitage. Before the Hermitage Palace Square – truly a pearl of Northern Venice opens.


From time immemorial was considered that the witch is a woman who practises magic, participates in шабашах on bald mountains and copulates with demons. However in transfer from Old Russian language to "know" means "NOBILITY".


The second freshness — here that a nonsense! The freshness happens only one — the first, she and last write to a thicket


Everyone is free to trust, in what he wants. I only against to force all to trust in something one


Never speak to people about the problems, 80 % aren't interested in them, the others of 20 % are glad that they at you are!


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It is surprising, as it is peculiar to the person to preserve the image against worship which would make his ridiculous or черезчур far from the original, that is why improbable.


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