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March 27, 2005





What is the point of that post? Are you actually saying something or are you just quoting great movies and placing 'TM' all over the place?


Charley what is this? Did you buy stock in a candle company? Wonder if they could sell StanLee's essence? just a thought.

Noticed we are sitting idle again too busy with Two Bits?
By the way I am sending a false email adress I get enough hate mail already don't need any more.

"Blind Orange" Julius

I've been performing the song Plastic Jesus for some time but realized that I don't have a Plastic Jesus on the dashboard of my car (though I do have a "Buddy Christ" from the Kevin Smith Film Dogma). I do have something on the dashboard of my car which I believe offers guidance:

On the dashboard of my Subaru

Guidance there for me and you

My path in life I never have to guess

When my life throws me a curve

Don't change directions I don't swerve

I just consult my dashboard GPS

Plastic Jesus, Plastic Jesus

My Plastic Jesus is a GPS

He just sits there he's polite

He guides me home by satellite

My electronic Jesus is the best

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